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If you were around me for more than five minutes, you would quickly learn that I like life to have structure. I like organization and well thought out plans. I enjoy knowing what every second of every day looks like and risks do not exist to me unless they are the precisely calculated kind. The kind where you really don’t have that much room to fail. Coming into this internship, I was the girl that researched the detailed schedule of what an intern does daily online and I was the girl that wanted to ask a million questions, so she could precisely plan for every moment that would come her way. However, this internship radically changed the way I saw living life with Jesus. I learned that every moment does not have to be planned when you are being fully present where The Lord has you. I discovered some of the sweetest community comes from being invested in the people around you and not worrying as much about the tasks at hand. I learned you can have the time of your life when your work becomes play because living life with Jesus truly is joyful.

I will be the first to tell you the days are long and the work is hard, but when you are interning for a camp that inspires students to live life with Jesus, you cannot help but have the time of your life! All summer long you get to be a part of a high energy and exciting atmosphere that engages students to learn more about who Jesus is and what a relationship with Him looks like. From singing at the top of your lungs to playing games on the beach with campers to dancing like nobody is watching, interns truly get to be a living example of how joyful and fun life can be when you are working for His glory.

This internship did provide many fun moments, but I can definitely say those moments were made a lot more fun because of the community I was surrounded by. I had the opportunity to do life alongside fifteen other interns this summer and they were such a big part of the summer of a lifetime. They taught me exactly what true community is and they added a few laughs to the summer too. They turned checking customers out in the store into interviews with campers complete with water bottle microphones. Camper corral suddenly became a contest to see who could chant the loudest. Stage-managing turned into elaborate ideas of who could do the silliest things on stage. Security transformed into a game of “the floor is lava” when curfew hit. Work was never just work with this team. They were living examples of how joyful and purposeful work can be when you know every single task will impact a camp that will change students’ lives for eternity.

I can confidently say I view work differently after experiencing the BigStuf internship. I learned what surrendering each moment to Him looks like and I learned how full life is with Him. Now my tasks almost always include music in the background and the occasional dance party. Monotonous tasks like cleaning or doing chores are turned into silly games that make tasks more fun and daily jobs are suddenly more enjoyable when I remember it is a privilege because that job allows me another opportunity to bring glory to His name. My summer at BigStuf changed my life for the better. I was supposed to be showing students how to live life with Jesus, but truly I think the BigStuf internship taught me that you can have the time of your life living life with Him.

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