The Wise Filter

I donít know about you, but I always feel pressure to make the right decision.

Do I want this donut or that donut? Do I want all the donuts?
Do I want to watch a movie or read a book?
Do I want my coffee iced or hot?
Do I want to watch Netflix or get outside?

When I am pressed for time and have to make a decision? An IMPORTANT decision?
You might as well take your thumb and squash me under it because thatís how it feels.

We all have to make decisions every day whether thatís as…

minute as deciding what to have for breakfast,
impactful as deciding where to go to college,
tempting as going for it with that hottie you got your eyes on,
or as important as who you choose to surround yourself with, what you do with your time, and how you view yourself, the world, and God.

All of these decisions we make are made through a filter.

Do you see different things as

Everyone else is doing itÖ?

Those are all filters. Somewhere there is something affecting all of our decisions. But the filter that is the most important is also the most complex part of our bodies, and thatís our minds.

If our mind, our filter, isnít clear itís like trying to purify impure water through a dirty filter…it doesnít work the way it should when itís been taken care of and replaced. When we try to make decisions, especially when they are pressure cooked, and we havenít spent time renewing, rejuvenating, and refreshing our minds we may look back and wish that we had done things differently.

We may wish that we were looking at the bigger picture, at what God wants for our lives.

We may wish that we werenít so selfish or so caught up in temptation.

We may wish that we had waited or taken that opportunity.

We may wish that we hadnít said the things we didnít mean or said the things that we felt.

We wish we had done things differently, but we tend to neglect the most influential filter of all, especially if we consider ourselves someone who loves and follows JesusÖ

Paul was someone who knew a lot about making decisions, both good and bad…you could even say right or wrong. But when Paul (previously Saul) had a drastic shift in his life, and he came to know God and be one of the most evangelical people in history, he knew from experience that his filter had to be through Jesus Himself. If it wasnít, Paul wasnít going to make wise decisions and he could possibly even make a decision that would veer him off track, get him hurt, or even possibly get him killed. He knew that following Jesus was risky and that his life was on the line…but Paul wanted to live his BEST life.

He wanted to give Jesus and his people his best life, but he knew that he would need a filter of wisdom, of Jesus, to make that happen.

Paul wanted to give us the same adviceÖ

Be very careful, then, how you liveónot as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the Lordís will is.†Ephesians 5:15-17

Paul knew that if we would ask the question…based on where Iíve been, and where I am going, what is the wise decision?…then it could potentially shift how we lived our day to day life.

Not only for ourselves, but for the kingdom of God.

He knew that we may have to make decisions that donít make sense to other people simply because we want to live our best life. Not sub par or merely satisfactory. We want to live the lives that are Godís best for us because we believe that is the most loving and adventurous life we could ever live.

Today…I donít know where youíre at. I donít know if youíve been making decisions thinking of Godís best for your life or not. I donít know if you have some really big decisions to make that could change everything. I donít know if you want to achieve making better everyday decisions or if you feel like you are standing there now.

But what I do know, our minds are important because they filter anything and everything that we do. If we want to be like Jesus, then we have to live and love like Jesus filtering everything through the question…is this Godís best?

Based on WHERE Iíve been, and where I am GOING, what is the WISE decision?

So, today, take a few moments and ask God these two questionsÖ

  • God, what is your best for me?
  • God, how do I have the filter of wisdom, of Jesus?


The Jesus Filter Application

Prayer: Ask God what His best is for you and to give you the wisdom to make decisions that honor and glorify Him.

Scripture: Read Ephesians 5:15-17 and Proverbs 9:10

Say It To Yourself: Based on where Iíve been, and where I am going, what is the wise thing to do?

Journal: List out all the decisions that you have to make today, this week or this month, big or small. Go through each one and journal about what you think Godís best is for you.

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Celeste Elizabeth

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