Molley Moody | 6 Ways to Pour into Student Worship Leaders

We are so fortunate at BigStuf to be connected with an awesome team of worship leaders. Not only are they incredibly talented, their hearts beat to point students towards Christ. They are some of the best people we know (both on and off stage), and we’re so thankful to have them lead your students at camp.

One of those people is the incredibly gifted Molley Moody.

As sweet as she is talented, Molley has a heart to specifically encourage and pour into the students at BigStuf who are just like she was at that age—eager to pursue music and looking for a way to get started in leading worship. Do you have a student like that in your group?

Check out some thoughts from Molley on how you can pour into and develop the student worship leaders at your church!


6 Ways to Help Student Worship Leaders

1 – Give them a voice.
Start simply by giving them a voice in your student ministry’s worship program. Let them help choose what songs they will lead and take ownership in creating some of the set list. There are always nerves when you’re singing in front of a group of people—especially a group of your peers! Letting them choose a song they love, feel connected to and are confident in singing will help put them at ease and set them up for success.

2 – Encourage them to be themselves.

Empower your students as they lead by encouraging them to simply be themselves. They don’t have to try and sound like anyone else or say the things other leaders do from stage. All they have to do is use the gifts God gave uniquely to them! The best thing they have to offer as leaders is simply who they are.

3 – Sing from the heart.

Encourage your student worship leaders to sing from their hearts. While they are leading other students in worship, they are also given the opportunity to be in worship themselves. Being a great worship leaders starts when you genuinely worship Jesus out of your own heart. What comes from the heart speaks to the heart so encourage your student leaders to start there—with their hearts!

4 – Pour into their lives.

All students need to know that you believe in them and love them, and pouring into them as they grow in leadership is a great opportunity for you to demonstrate that support. Let them know that you are proud of them, not just because they can sing or are a good addition to the team. Show up for them in other areas of their lives and pour into them spiritually so that they can pour out to other students from the stage.

5 – Teach them to be a team.

Teach your student worship leaders and musicians about the importance of being a part of a team. Encourage them to celebrate one another and trust Jesus to use their gifts as a whole to usher their fellow students into the presence of God. Pray with them and guide them away from gossip or jealousy amongst the group, as that will only hinder the worship experience. Teach them to celebrate their fellow teammates when they get the chance to take the lead.

6 – Keep it fun!

At the end of the day, worshiping God should be fun! Avoid putting too much pressure on your student leaders, and instead, make sure they know you want them to enjoy their time on stage! It doesn’t always have to be perfect, and they may not always get it right, but what’s most important is having the heart to lead. Celebrate that heart and make experience fun to encourage your students to continue to pursue worship as they grow.

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Beth Romanoski

Beth Romanoski

Beth has been coming to BigStuf since 7th grade, was a BigStuf summer intern, and is now our Registration Coordinator. As Registration Coordinator, she now gets to hear countless stories from Youth Pastors about how BigStuf is a place where their students have learned more about who God is and who He has created them to be. She said, "It’s come full circle and I think that’s pretty incredible."

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