Time of Your Life

If you were around me for more than five minutes, you would quickly learn that I like life to have structure. I like organization and well thought out plans. I enjoy knowing what every second of every day looks like and risks do not exist to me unless they are the precisely calculated kind. The kind where you really don’t have that much room to fail. Coming into this internship, I was the girl that researched the detailed schedule of what an intern does daily online and I was the girl that wanted to ask a million questions, so she could precisely plan for every moment that would come her way. However, this internship radically changed the way I saw living life with Jesus. I learned that every moment does not have to be planned when you are being fully present where The Lord has you. I discovered some of the sweetest community comes from being invested in the people around you and not worrying as much about the tasks at hand. I learned you can have the time of your life when your work becomes play because living life with Jesus truly is joyful.

I will be the first to tell you the days are long and the work is hard, but when you are interning for a camp that inspires students to live life with Jesus, you cannot help but have the time of your life! All summer long you get to be a part of a high energy and exciting atmosphere that engages students to learn more about who Jesus is and what a relationship with Him looks like. From singing at the top of your lungs to playing games on the beach with campers to dancing like nobody is watching, interns truly get to be a living example of how joyful and fun life can be when you are working for His glory.

This internship did provide many fun moments, but I can definitely say those moments were made a lot more fun because of the community I was surrounded by. I had the opportunity to do life alongside fifteen other interns this summer and they were such a big part of the summer of a lifetime. They taught me exactly what true community is and they added a few laughs to the summer too. They turned checking customers out in the store into interviews with campers complete with water bottle microphones. Camper corral suddenly became a contest to see who could chant the loudest. Stage-managing turned into elaborate ideas of who could do the silliest things on stage. Security transformed into a game of “the floor is lava” when curfew hit. Work was never just work with this team. They were living examples of how joyful and purposeful work can be when you know every single task will impact a camp that will change students’ lives for eternity.

I can confidently say I view work differently after experiencing the BigStuf internship. I learned what surrendering each moment to Him looks like and I learned how full life is with Him. Now my tasks almost always include music in the background and the occasional dance party. Monotonous tasks like cleaning or doing chores are turned into silly games that make tasks more fun and daily jobs are suddenly more enjoyable when I remember it is a privilege because that job allows me another opportunity to bring glory to His name. My summer at BigStuf changed my life for the better. I was supposed to be showing students how to live life with Jesus, but truly I think the BigStuf internship taught me that you can have the time of your life living life with Him.


The Jesus Filter

Youth Ministry Devotions

‘The Jesus Filter”

We all know that we miss it.

Our suitcases may still be filled with sand because we are still reminiscing and refuse to let the summer go.

Our memories captured and stored the adrenaline from pinata parties, the sentiment of late night talks, and the eternal effects of life changing moments.

We long for rec time, amazing worship, but maybe not the long bus rides to and from.

But the biggest takeaway from BigStuf 2017 wasn’t our favorite t-shirt or any memory…

We learned that we ALL have a filter. And it’s more than Instagram, VSCO, or Snap Chat.

We each have a fierce mind, a filter, that influences our decisions, actions, and how we carry out our emotions.

We learned that what controls our mind controls our life.

Will it be FUN or not?

How EFFICIENT will this be?  


Is EVERYONE else doing it?

Will THEY think I am cool?


We learned that our filter can change, it can be influenced, it can be shifted to adjust how we see ourselves, others, God and the world.

We learned that the filter of JESUS is the filter we need to put on with our new life in Him.

Yet, if we aren’t careful, it can become tainted and full of dirt and grime that can cloud out Jesus. We can only see as far as what is inches in front of us rather than seeing the hope and the promise of what Jesus wants us to see in our future with Him.

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will. Romans 12:2

So now that we are back in routine, back to dwelling in the places God has purposefully placed us, we have to figure out how to take care of our minds, quite possibly the most important filter of our day to day lives.

Acknowledging the love and sacrifice of what Jesus did for us on the cross, all that He gave to fend for our hearts, and accepting it as truth…it changes your life, because Jesus changes your life.

He changes you to your inner most being, bringing you back to where you belong, back to Himself…but He doesn’t change your mind.

There is still work that we must do in partnership, companionship, and relationship with the Holy of holies, the Lord of lords, the King of kings, the Name above all names.

How assuring that He doesn’t leave us to do it on your own.


But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you. John 14:26

Over the next few weeks, we are going to expand on the filter of Jesus, apply practical steps towards renewing our filter, our minds, for the sake of our views, thoughts and actions to sustain and build upon what we heard at camp this summer. Let’s journey together…


The Jesus Filter Application

Prayer: Pray that God would give you the desire to have the filter of Jesus.

Scripture: Romans 12:2, John 14:26

Say It To Yourself: The way you see determines who you are going to be.

Journal: Journal about what excuses you make to justify wrong behavior and ask for Jesus’s eyes on your decisions, actions, words, thoughts and views. Ask for His eyes on yourself, other people and the world.



People change all the time but where does this change come from?  I always wanted to truly seek Jesus and go to Him with all obstacles in my life. However, prior to the internship I would question, “Am I really turning over the biggest things in my life to God?  How can I possibly get to this point in my faith?” I was hungry for growth and that couldn’t have been made any more evident than it was this summer when I interned with BigStuf.

The growth I experienced did not come easily, actually very far from it. The same struggles and doubts I’ve experienced, followed me down to camp. I had to fight daily through these battles in my head, even when it wasn’t comfortable for me to do so. Yet, Jesus continued to pursue all of my heart, not just portions of it. I felt growth slowly starting to take root, even though the enemy was strategic in trying to tear away all of the good that was beginning to develop. This is where the internship molded me in confirming that the true growth I hungered for could only be transformed and made capable by Jesus.

My team was made up of 16 people designed with a constant hunger to know more and live more like Jesus.  Being intentional with others and Jesus was emphasized from the beginning. This encouraged deep relationships to form, which is critical to the foundation of growth.  I did not begin my summer as a Bible scholar and I was a new Christian, but getting real with people began to stir a fire for Jesus that is beyond anything I could have predicted. We were also challenged to always be intentional with Jesus every morning when we started our day. Choosing this as a daily priority was the game changer. Spending my mornings with Jesus helped make working long days and nights so much sweeter and well worth it. It began the solid foundation I needed to see the growth that was coming to flourish.

Whether it was long walks on the beach or late nights sitting, the conversations, or the accountability my teammates fought for, it all provided a constant reminder that if we kept persevering and seeking Jesus every second of every day we would be rewarded.  Many days I wanted to give up being intentional and honestly it would have been the easy way out. I could have gone through the motions and just enjoyed my time on the beach or at camp but the community fostered at BigStuf was always right there to give that push I needed to continue.

I began to seek Him every day and look for guidance in every step and conversation. I would call on him in every situation and talk to him like we were the best of friends.  I learned the growth won’t always be evident, yet, if I chose mornings on the balcony alone with Him and fight to use every moment of my day to transform my heart, the joy I will find is only in Jesus. I needed to intentionally search for the only One to satisfy our hearts, the One who makes us full.

This hunger didn’t stop at camp. What was ignited and nurtured at BigStuf came back to my hometown, my community and my college campus. The same could be said for the rest of my team. Much to our surprise, these are the places where our growth became most evident, not only to us, but to those around us. We began to grow by making small changes, by setting Jesus as our first and main priority.  Our perspective had taken a dramatic shirt. We began to see each person we encountered as a soul that could be won over for Jesus.  We wanted to serve in ways that may not have been priorities in our hearts before.  We now want to find lost people in every classroom and cafeteria.  We want to live in community with other Christians and help them see the importance of being real and growing together. We want to be on fire for Jesus.  We have tasted and seen just how sweet Jesus is and long for Him to continually teach us more.

Slowly but surely, an intentional life for Jesus ALWAYS brings out the best in us.  We may not see the impact regularly, but by having daily dedication to have a greater relationship with Him, you will start to see lives transformed more and more for His glory. 2 Corinthians 3:18 says, “We all, with unveiled faces, are looking in a mirror at the glory of the Lord and are being transformed in the same image from glory to glory; this is from the Lord who is the Spirit.” Know growth is a process of many small steps and we may struggle to see it. However as long as we are moving towards Jesus with all of our hearts and our minds, it is still growth.




It became who we are

It’s honestly quite funny, the reactions that some people can give when they ask about the details of my summer as an intern with BigStuf.  The fact that a college student would “give up” an entire summer to fundraise and volunteer to work at a camp, is seemingly impossible for many to begin to understand.  I strategically placed “give up” within quotations due to the fact that any and all of what some might see as giving, I can whole hearted say that I received more than my wildest of daydreams.  

At the beginning of the summer, sweet sweet Jesus began to teach me about seeking out what it looked like to live in the freedom we have access to, in Christ.  As I began to wrestle with how this would play out and be applicable in everyday life, He was kind enough to lead me to a verse that shaped much of how I would look at serving during the summer.  In Galatians 5:13, Paul states that,

For you are called to freedom, brothers; only don’t use this freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, BUT SERVE one another through love.  

Just as my summer serving with BigStuf might seem contradictory to the “norm” for many, typically, the thoughts that follow freedom are nowhere near being a servant.  Yet, while this thought of servanthood working hand-in-hand with freedom is a countercultural mindset, it is certainly what we are called to embrace.  One of the main factors that drew me to working as an intern at BigStuf was the element of service, which is so heavily saturated in the culture created within the BigStuf family. 

As an Intern, I was launched into the summer with a plethora of opportunities to serve within the many job areas we were able to work in.  Whether it was a production job (cameras, speaker notes, worship lyrics, backstage) or interaction with students and leaders during our rec-time jobs (refereeing volleyball and basketball, in the game room, making sure the campers stayed hydrated while on water duty, and getting those rad daily video clips), we were given the opportunity to constantly serve.  However, even outside of our jobs, I am honored to say that I was on a team of some of the spunkiest go-getters and with the biggest hearts, who were always looking for ways to embrace one of my favorite BigStuf values – to go beyond.  As a crew, we began to embrace a mantra, shared with us by a fearless leader that I believe began a radical shift in our mindset, in so much of how we looked at serving: “Make sure to serve with your heart and not just your hands.”  Serving became more than just what we did – it became what and who we are. 

I once heard a speaker share that “Your walk talks, and your talk talks, BUT your walk talks louder than your talk talks”.   I am grateful to say that I have had the opportunity to do life all summer alongside people whose walks quite literally screams, the love of King Jesus, with every ounce of their being.  As believers, we are to live lives that are heavily marked and saturated with humble service, not asking to elevate our names, but in our actions being rooted in love, simply seeking out, to make the name of Jesus famous.  Jesus lived a life that was fully saturated in the humility of servanthood, as a blueprint for how the lives we, as believers, should earnestly strive for the desire to embrace servanthood.  

A summer spent serving as a BigStuf Intern is one that is extremely difficult to do justice by putting it into mere words.  For anyone even considering submitting an application for a summer that will turn your world upside down, in the best way possible, I have one piece of advice for you – APPLY!!!  As we learned this summer, God has and will continue to gather the most beautifully-broken people, to make a team that will have a part in changing so many lives and inspiriting student to live lives radically transformed by the Gospel.  The 2017 interns are nowhere near perfect, but we were used by our Perfect Father during our summer working with BigStuf.  So, want to have a rocking summer serving with the best people, for the greatest purpose?  Or see just how a diversity of strengths and abilities are crucial when serving in the Body of Christ?  Apply for the internship today!  You won’t regret it! 

With love,


2017 Set List

One of the questions we get the most on social media is about the songs we sing at BigStuf! We know you’re probably wondering what songs we’ll be singing this summer…we have great news for you! We have released our set list for BigStuf 2017 so you can be ready to sing at the top of your lungs, together with over 1,500 other students at camp! SO, just for you, here is the Set List for BigStuf 2017…

  1. Real Love – Hillsong Young and Free
  2. Every Beat  –  North Point InsideOut
  3. Good Good Father – Passion
  4. Love Come Down - North Point InsideOut
  5. We Are Royals – North Point InsideOut
  6. Trust It All - North Point InsideOut
  7. Alive – Hillsong Young and Free
  8. When the Fight Calls – Hillsong Young and Free
  9. I Fall – Seth Condrey / North Point InsideOut
  10. What a Beautiful Name – Hillsong Worship
  11. This is Living – Hillsong Young and Free
  12. Christ is Enough – Hillsong
  13. Enough For Me – North Point InsideOut
  14. Death Was Arrested - North Point InsideOut
  15. No Longer Slaves – Jonathan David
  16. Sons and Daughters - North Point InsideOut
  17. Oceans – Hillsong

Even better, we’ve also created a Spotify Playlist for you to listen to before and after camp! Click here to listen to the “2017 BigStuf Worship Set List”:

We can’t wait to sing with you this summer!


5 Things I’ve Learned About Leading Worship

At BigStuf, we’re so lucky to have an incredible team helping us put on camp every summer. And Emily Hearn is just one the amazing people who make up our worship team. As a musician and worship leader, Emily has years of experience leading students towards an experience with Christ through worship. That’s why we asked her to share some of her expertise with you!

Read on to hear more from Emily about worship and five big things she’s learned about leading worship.

  1. Shrink the space between the stage and the seats. Relate. Be honest.
    I believe that we were made to connect with God. We were designed to be in conversation with Him, and worship is a chance to do that. It puts words to our struggles, hopes, and questions. Most people don’t naturally feel free to step right in to singing and worship so it helps if their leader frees them up to be flawed, human, and vulnerable in worship. The best way we can do that is to tell our own stories. I try to leave enough space in a service to make connections with people that I lead by talking to them in between songs. This shrinks the space between the stage and the seats and gives me as a leader a chance to allow God to use my own flawed, human, and vulnerable experiences to lead others.
  2. Ask the Holy Spirit to lead and speak through you in the moment.
    I truly have learned to lean on the Holy Spirit in leading worship. Before I lead, I ask Him what He wants to say to His people and how I can be used to help Him speak. All the things I’ve learned about leading really hinge on the idea that He must become greater and I must become less, and this is no exception. I want to get out of the way and let the Holy Spirit speak through me in the moments I have to lead.
  3. Prepare during the week by praying over the songs, over your leadership, and over the people you’ll be leading.
    Prayer is a powerful tool for any believer—one I use daily to help me prepare to lead worship. Before I lead, I start simply by praying over the songs I’m going to be leading throughout the week, the people I’ll be leading alongside, and the leadership God has given me. It not only helps me prepare my heart to lead, but it also helps me maintain my focus on One who I’m leading others to in worship.
  4. Singing and musicianship are second to our desire to follow Jesus. Focus less on making it perfect and more on making it real.
    As musicians, it’s easy for us to want to focus all our energy on playing really well or sounding better than we ever have before. And while there is a lot to be said to trying to use our gifts with excellence, what’s more important is using our gifts in truth. Avoid the desire to focus on perfection and instead ask God to help you just be authentic. As long as we’re dependent on Jesus and seeking God’s will, we’ll be used in a powerful way to help other people experience connection with God. He so often calls people who aren’t totally ready to prove that He is the one doing the real work!
  5. Daily surrender your own desire to be seen and affirmed and constantly point to Jesus.
    It’s easy to be drawn in by the presence on stage or the incredible production or the attention of those you’re leading. But it’s my responsibility as a worship leader to turn from those distractions, take the focus off myself, and move the praise where it’s meant to be—to Jesus. By the grace of God, those who are gifted in music have such a great opportunity to lead and connect with others. Just remember that ultimately leading isn’t about you or your gifts, but rather about connecting other with the God who gave those gifts to you.

Three Things to Avoid When Hosting in Student Ministry

We all know a great host when we see one. But on the other end of the spectrum, we all know when your hosting time doesn’t go as planned! We want to help you avoid falling into that category by giving you some tricks of the trade for student ministry hosting. Take a look at these three things to keep in mind when it comes to student ministry hosting straight from our friend and expert, Britt Kitchen.

1 – Don’t feel the pressure to be funny.
Some people are funny and some people aren’t. That’s okay! Hosts don’t have to be funny to be good at what they do. There are plenty of super successful hosts who aren’t high on the humor scale (hello Ryan Seacrest). Instead of trying to be funny, focus on what your job is: welcoming everyone, knowing the flow of the day, and handling the transitions. Do those to the best of your ability. And with confidence! Once you get more comfortable as a host you can start trying to find your funny on stage, but don’t feel the pressure to always be a stand-up comic. It’s only one of the many tools in your hosting toolbox.

2 – Don’t use a timer.
Most of the time, games are written with a time constraint in the instructions. Stage hosts assume that those timers should be placed on the screen for everyone to see. After all, won’t that crank up the suspense and drama of a game? Maybe, but placing a clock on the screen for all to see automatically locks you into a timeframe and restricts the freedom you have to navigate the time. Rather than using a visible timer, announce to your students that someone is keeping time but just use a mental clock in your head. That frees you up to feel the moment. If a game is going well, you can keep it moving a little longer. But if it’s not working the way you planned, you can wrap it up faster. This lets you as the host keep control of the energy in the room and guide the experience for your students.

3 – Don’t rely on video transitions.
A huge responsibility for a host is to handle transitions throughout the program. Whether it’s the initial transition from hangout time to the formal start of the program, or the more difficult one from hosting to the next element of the program (typically worship), it’s your job to make things move seamlessly. When hosts aren’t sure what to do, they seem to default to incorporating video in to their transitions. And while I love a good YouTube clip as much as the next guy, I think video transitions on their own can actually diminish the vibe you’ve worked hard to set up during your program. If you play a funny video and then move right into worship, the job of refocusing your students falls on the worship leader rather than the host. Or if you share a camp promo video and move right in to music, there’s no one there to give the details about camp while it’s fresh on your students’ minds. I’m all for a great promo video or a goofy clip, but be sure as a host to stick around and make the transition yourself, rather than treat the video as the transition itself.


3 Ways How to Be a Great MC & Host for Christian Youth Events

A great host & master of ceremonies (MC) can make all the difference in your student ministry.

They can make a room come alive with energy, get everyone excited about what’s about to happen, and lead the way to good conversations in small groups. For the time they’re on stage, your host has the reigns of your student ministry, and a great host can turn it into an incredible experience for your kids.

How do they do it? How do great hosts turn a room around just like that? Well, while some people are born to be great hosts, most of us have to learn how to be great. And our friend and student ministry expert Britt Kitchen has some tips to help you get started on the path to becoming a great host. Take a look at his three ways to enhance your hosting time in student ministry.

  1. Make students the stars.
    At its core, hosting for students is a servant role. We are serving them by welcoming them, giving them information they need, and creating a fun environment. Remember, the host isn’t the attraction; the students are. You’re there to serve them! Keep that in mind as you choose your games or stage interactions with students. A great host knows how to celebrate students, make them feel cool, and avoid embarrassing them (even when they’re asked to do something silly). The goal is to highlight your students and have a little fun with them while they’re on stage.
  2. Incorporate their group.
    This is huge for a small group driven student ministry. It’s important to always find ways to point your students back to their groups. The sooner you can get students interacting with their groups, the better their conversations will be. As the host, introduce opportunities for that interaction at the top of the program. Choose games where students have to work together as a group or encourage them to stand with their group before the music starts. Guiding them towards connection during hosting will help students feel more connected to each other once small groups actually begin.
  3. Pick the right song.
    Part of your job as a host is to bring energy to the room and focus your students’ attention for the rest of the program. A key ingredient to accomplishing that is playing the right music. You should constantly be searching for songs with great walk up intros for your host to take the stage. You also need to think about the right songs to play under a game. Are students shooting nerf guns? Then crank up “Hit Me With Your Best Shot.” Are they eating something gross? We should be hearing something like “Eat It.” Adding the right music to your hosting will help the top of the day go from just a bland announcement time to a memorable experience for everyone.

Sunday is Coming…

They knew what it meant,

for their Jesus to be handed over into the hands of Pilate.

The one who could crucify, the one who could kill.

Did they even have hope that Sunday is Coming?

We read words like “flogged”, “crown of thorns” and “cross”, but do we really know what it means?

We can’t even relate to the One who took our place.

He was betrayed with a kiss and arrested without validity.

but Jesus asked him, “Judas, are you betraying the Son of Man with a kiss? Luke 22:48

 The Messiah, the saving One, the grace that we didn’t deserve…

He was mocked, but He was also being beaten over the head with a reed while insults were hurled at Him.

He was flogged, where whips with sharp shards were forcefully thrown into His body as those torturing Him laughed, mocked.


But after having Jesus flogged, he (Pilate) handed Him over to be crucifiedMatthew 27:25


A crown of thorns was pressed into His head as His raw body was draped in scarlet.

He was dragged to the place where criminals die.


When they had mocked Him, they stripped Him of the robe, put His clothes on Him, and led Him away to crucify Him. Matthew 27:31


His hands and feet were pierced and He body was lifted up.

Maybe He already knew, Sunday Is Coming…


Maybe He already knew when He was weeping in the garden,

when He was washing His friends feet,

when He was illustrating His broken body and shed blood,

when He was hanging in darkness feeling forsaken by His father,

when he breathed His very last with a loud cry.


It Is Finished… John 19:30


The temple curtain tore in two from top to bottom, the earth shook, hope was lost and buried in darkness

But what now? Would the darkness stay? Was He really the one who came to save if He was gone?


It was now about noon, and darkness came over the whole land until three in the afternoon, for the sun stopped shining. And the curtain of the temple was torn in two. Luke 23:44-45 

But it’s only Friday…Sunday is Coming…

A week prior, Jesus overturned the temple, where I imagine He flipped tables if He ever did.

He set a challenge…destroy this temple and it will be built up again in three days.

But He wasn’t speaking of a building. No, He was speaking of Himself.

He was going away, it was necessary, but He would prevail. He would return.


The Jews responded to him, “What sign can you show us to prove your authority to do all of this?” Jesus answered them, “Destroy this temple, and I will raise it again in three days.” They replied, “It has taken forty-six years to build this temple, and you are going to raise it in three days?” But the temple he had spoken of was his body. John 2:18-21


In three days, we will experience the grace we never deserved.

In three days, we will understand that He took our place.

In three days, there will be no more sacrifices to be holy or rituals to undo what we’ve done.

In three days, the gap is bridged, heaven is real, and death has no sting no more.

Hold onto hope because Sunday Is Coming…


He is not here, He has risen! Remember how he told you, while he was still with you in Galilee. The Son of Man must be delivered over to the hands of sinners, be crucified and on the third day be raised againLuke 24: 6-7


Today, the next three days, think about what is must have felt like to put your hope and faith into Someone who was, all at once, gone.

And prepare your heart for the day that is coming, the Sunday that is coming,

the day that changed everything.


New Music for BigStuf 2017!

One of the most exciting parts of BigStuf is our main sessions and worship. Every morning and evening during camp, all 1,500 students gather together in the big room for engaging and inspiring worship to deepen their relationships with Christ and connect them to Him in new and exciting ways.

As we approach the summer, our team is creating the perfect worship set list for BigStuf 2017! And if you’re joining us this summer, you’re probably wondering what songs your students and leaders will be singing this summer! North Point InsideOut Band has released their new Nothing Ordinary EP, which includes some of the songs that you’ll be hearing this summer! Whether you’re joining us for BigStuf 2017, or keeping up on all things BigStuf from afar, we encourage you to check out this awesome EP! You’ll hear familiar songs from North Point Community Church including “Death was Arrested” and “Love Come Down”, and even a few new songs too! The Nothing Ordinary EP is now available on iTunes! We hope you find these songs encouraging and inspiring as you lead in your ministry!

Check out the new 2017 BigStuf Set List