Joseph Sojourner speaks on the BigStuf Christian Summer Camp Internship

BigStuf Summer Camp Internship

We had a chance to sit down with our good friend, Joseph Sojourner (Sojo), and ask him a few questions regarding the BigStuf internship.

BigStuf Camps: What’s your favorite part of the BigStuf Summer Camp internship?

Joseph Sojourner: My favorite part is getting to know each intern and discovering the endless gifts God has placed inside each of them. Family dinners and weekend-off shenanigans are a close second! haha

Describe the BigStuf internship in your own words.

A two month commitment that allows you to experience ministry from every angle alongside friends that quickly begin to feel like family.

What’s your favorite memory involving BigStuf interns?

Too many to count. Most of them are one-on-one moments.

With you being involved for so long, how have you seen the BigStuf internship shape the culture of BigStuf Christian Summer Camps?

The internship just gets richer every year. The interns have become the engine that powers the overall summer experience for attendees and who create many of the laughs and ideas for staff, band, and speakers.

How have you seen the BigStuf internship grow, challenge, and change interns each year?

The interns that start the summer with us are not the same interns that end the summer with us. I’ve seen quite individuals find the courage to lead team devotionals. I’ve seen natural rockstars discover areas that they aren’t so natural at. I’ve seen people with only a few friends walk away with 15 life long friends they can call family. Most importantly, I see interns realize that God can use them in many different capacities to help create moments for students to understand God more clearly. In just two months, you’ll realize we all have a part to play in the BIG story God is telling not just for the summer…but rather every day.

This interview has been edited by BigStuf Camps.

We’re so grateful for the impact Joseph has on BigStuf, and more specifically our BigStuf interns.

Apply to be a 2018 BigStuf intern here(Applications close on December 31st, 2017)

Learn more about Joseph here.

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