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For almost a year, youíve heard us talking about this idea of a prime. Weíve posted pictures, shared videos, and if you were at camp this summer you heard all about what it looks like to live a prime life. And maybe itís all sounded awesome to you. Youíve heard a lot about this prime life and itís something you want, but you think it may be too good to be true. You want the prime life, you want to live a full life, but youíre still not sure how to get it. Or maybe you think your life is too far gone to be prime, youíve made too many mistakes and have too much of a past. Or youíve been reaching for the prime life, but keep falling short. You see other people who seem to be living a full life and you so desperately want it.

If thatís you, thereís good news:

You can still have the prime life.

Matthew records powerful words from Jesus that lets us know how we can all have access to a full life. Jesus says this,


Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it. Matthew 10:39

In other words, Jesus is saying that if we continue to try and be the ones who control our lives, we will lose our lives. We will miss out on the potential of what could be. We are so concerned with trying to control what is taking place in our lives, that we end up losing the life we could have altogether. And so Jesus says to us, ďHey, if you want to find full life, if you want to live a prime life, then let me be the one who is in control.Ē

Having someone else in control of your life may seem like the opposite of prime, but it isnít. We have God who decided to come to earth in the form of man, Jesus, to walk with us and fight for us. More than that, Jesus took upon himself all that we had ever done wrong and all that we will do wrong and declared us forgiven through death on a cross. He died a gruesome death to prove that we are worth dying for. It didnít stop there. Three days after being crucified, Jesus rose from the grave Ė he was declared dead, but came to life Ė defeating death. Because of Jesusí life, we can know that we have a God who is not distant, but understands what we go through. Because of Jesusí death, we have forgiveness and salvation. Because Jesus defeated the grave, we can trust him.

We can trust that he understands us. We can trust that what he says is true. We can trust that is he is capable of being in control. We can trust that when he says if weíll lose our life to him, weíll find true life.

So maybe today, for the first time, you need to give up control of your life to the only one who is truly capable of being in control of it. Today, ask Jesus to be in control of your life. Today, give him your life, and ask him to show you what it looks like to live a full life.

For others of you, youíve already declared Jesus as savior and have given him your life, but itís still hard to give him control. Today, think of the parts of your life that you like to control (your grades, your relationship, your athletic ability, etc.), and give those parts of your life to Jesus. Ask Jesus to show you what it looks like to give him control of every area of your life.

Starting today, daily choose to give control of your life to Jesus. Find freedom in the fact that you donít have to do it all. You have a God who loves you, knows you, cares for you, and understands you and he is worthy of being in control.

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Beth Romanoski

Beth Romanoski

Beth has been coming to BigStuf since 7th grade, was a BigStuf summer intern, and is now our Registration Coordinator. As Registration Coordinator, she now gets to hear countless stories from Youth Pastors about how BigStuf is a place where their students have learned more about who God is and who He has created them to be. She said, "Itís come full circle and I think thatís pretty incredible."

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