How Christian Summer Camps Can Create a Big Environment

May 21, 2018 9:00:00 PM

Every year our team spends a lot of time together praying, planning and preparing for our summer down at the beach for BigStuf Camps. We talk through every detail of the summer. And then we talk through them again! There's not a single part of the camp experience that we don't hold up and ask: how does this contribute to the environment we want to create?

One of our primary goals at BigStuf is to create big environments where our students can connect to God. And we know that every part of what we do at camp contributes to creating that kind of environment. The space we gather in, the games we play, the music we sing, the t-shirts we sell, the videos we make, the talks we deliver - all of these things work together to build the kind of atmosphere and environment that will point your students toward Christ. And that's so very important to us!

Why? Because we know that where God is, life is awesome, exciting and fun. And we want your students to know that too. Check out how David described it in one his Psalms:

"You make known to me the path of life;
in your presence there is fullness of joy;
at your right hand are pleasures evermore."
-Psalm 16:11

Life. Joy. Pleasure. Those are things David experienced simply by being in the presence of God. And they're things that we can experience in the same way. That's why we want to create an environment for students at BigStuf that reflects who God is and draws them to His presence in every way.

When you come to BigStuf, you're not just coming to another student camp. You're coming to what we hope will be a life-changing experience with God. And we're going to do all we can with what we have to create a big environment that puts our big God on display to connect with your students.

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