5 Ways To Cure The Post-Camp Blues

Dec 11, 2017 12:23:00 PM

As the Social Media Coordinator for BigStuf, I started to notice a trend in what people were saying about BigStuf once the music stopped, the lights faded to black, and camp was over.

See if you also notice a common trend…

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It seems that our campers have a serious case of the Post-Camp Blues. There’s no doubt that even we, as a staff, miss being at the beach, waking up to Sojo’s epic piñata parties, singing at the top of our lungs with the BigStuf band, and learning from some of the best speakers around. BUT just because camp is over doesn’t mean the BigStuf experience can’t continue. On the contrary, our hope is that BigStuf is not just a spiritual high but a springboard for the rest of the year, setting students up for success to DO BigStuf all year long. So how can we cure the Post-Camp Blues? Here are a few recommended tips:

1. Stay connected with our BigStuf Blog.

We started the BigStuf blog about one year ago in an effort to provide our youth leaders and students with opportunities to connect with us at BigStuf, with our superb speakers, with our talented musicians, and with each other while also providing resources to help them in their day-to-day ministry. The BigStuf blog is where we post Sojo's latest music video, Brooklyn Lindsey's encouraging words, a student's touching story, or how to prepare for camp. If you want to keep the BigStuf experience going all year round, this is a great place to start.

2. Review messages from the summer.

Get out your journal or camp book, and spend some time reflecting on what we learned this summer at BigStuf Story. We had the honor of learning from some of the best speakers around, hearing amazing truths that are worth a review once in awhile. For example:

  • I’ll trade a starring role in in my story for whatever role God wants to give me in His.
  • The most important thing about me is that I am, I Am’s.
  • The decisions you make today tell the story of tomorrow.
  • Stop focusing so much on finding the one and start working on becoming the one.
  • My story is for His story.

If you want the full talks from your week at camp, you can purchase the flash drive with all of the audio messages from our online store.

3. Do BigStuf in your community.

One of my favorite quotes from the summer was, “We want your thoughts to go from, ‘Someone should do something about this,’ to, ‘I’m going to do something about this.”We want students to take what they learned from their week at camp and provide them with an opportunity to put it into action; which is why every summer we choose an organization to be our “Do BigStuf” focus (organizations like The 410 Bridge and Compassion International).

This summer 757 children were sponsored through Compassion International by our incredible BigStuf students and youth groups. That is truly BIG STUF! Not only are 757 lives forever changed, but 757 families and 757 communities have now been impacted because of students making the decision to DO BigStuf.

4. Have a jam session!

Since we can’t send the BigStuf Band home with you, we created the Story Record so you can still have the BigStuf experience at home! It includes the songs we sang in BigStuf's past, sung by the artists that were at camp.

Story Song List
1. Alive (Feat. Chris Coleman)
2. This Is Amazing Grace (Feat. Chris Cauley)
3. Furious (Feat. Chrystina Fincher)
4. The Lord Our God (feat. Chris Cauley)
5. Give Me Faith (Feat. Chrystina Fincher)
6. No One Higher (Feat. Chris Cauley)
7. Christ Is Enough (Feat. Ryan Stuart)
8. Let It Be Known (Feat. Chris Coleman)
9. Search My Heart (Feat. Ryan Stuart)
10. All the Poor & Powerless (Feat. Jared and Amber Humphries)
11. Set a Fire (Feat. Chinua Hawk and Chris Cauley)

5. Come see us again next summer!

Registration for BigStuf is now open! You can register online at bigstuf.com for our all-inclusive 4 or 5 Day Camps. Come see Sojourner, Jon Acuff, Brooklyn Lindsey, Jamey Dickens, Stuart Hall and the BigStuf Band at one of our 9 camps in Panama City Beach.

*Take a dose of each of the recommended tips until symptoms are relieved, and until then…we miss you too and we can’t wait to see you again next summer!

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