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We all know the real secret to success for any student pastor is the ability to recruit incredible adult volunteers and small group leaders. While you as a student leader do an incredible amount of work to make your ministry a great place for your students, we all know that none of it would be possible without a team of small group leaders and volunteers dedicated to pouring into your students on a regular basis. But sometimes finding those people can be difficult. You don’t just want anyone leading your students so how knowing how to find, recruit, and keep awesome small group leaders and volunteers is essential. Check out some tips from our friend Joseph Sojourner on how to bring in more amazing small group leaders to your student ministry.

5 Ways To Find & Keep More Small Group Leaders

  1. Ask your current leaders.
    If you have incredible leaders already serving, chances are they have incredible friends. Look to your current leaders for recommendations for new leaders. Ask your great leaders to give you the name and number of a friend they think would be a great addition to your student ministry.
  2. Ration your requests.
    One of the biggest hesitations people have about signing up to volunteer is time. In other words, they’re worried you’re going to ask too much of them. Keep this in mind when recruiting small group leaders and ration out the requests you make of them. Let them know up front what’s expected of them as a small group leader—weekly obligations, meetings, major events, outside commitments—and then limit your additional requests to be aware of the time and sacrifices they’re making.
  3. Don’t make them go it alone.
    One of the best ways to set your leaders up for success is to partner them together to lead. Pairing up your leaders to co-lead with one another allows them to share the load and support each other along the way. It also allows the leaders to form a bond with one another, growing together spiritually as they walk through life with their students.
  4. Make it easy.
    This is key to keeping your small group leaders a part of your student ministry for years to come. And this one falls solely on your team! Make it easy for your small group leaders to lead by doing what you can do ahead of time to set them up for success. Prepare early, do the work, give them the materials, and over communicate. Your leaders are there to lead so don’t let them get bogged down in the details. Do what you can to communicate and give them what they need so they can simply focus on their relationships with the students.
  5. Give them encouragement.
    Your leaders are the hands and feet of your student ministry. Sometimes that means doing the fun stuff like showing up at a football game or taking a group to the movies. And other times that means doing the hard stuff like walking with a student through the death of a family member or having hard conversations about bad choices. That’s why the best thing you can do is provide a constant source of support and encouragement to them as they serve. Choose the best encouragers on your team to meet regularly with your small group leaders. Cheer them on and let them know you see and value what they do. Happy leaders are not only more likely to stay, but they’re more likely to invite others to lead, too!

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