5 Reasons Discipleship Emphasis at Camps is Great for Students

Mar 18, 2019 6:08:00 PM

If you've spent any time at all at BigStuf Camps then you know how much we love students. They're smart. They're bold. They're full of potential. They're world changers and visionaries in the making. And we believe in them wholeheartedly!

Our passion for students is the reason we do what we do. Our goal at BigStuf is to give students more than just a week at church camp; we want to give them a discipleship experience that they'll carry with them long after their week with us ends. Discipleship plays a huge role in the spiritual development of students. It's the model Jesus set for us with His own life, and it's the model we use at camp to spur students on to new and exciting things - Big things - in their faith.

Here are 5 reasons discipleship emphasis at camps (like BigStuf) is great for students.

1. It guides students to live out God's Word. 

There's no tool more powerful in the life of a Christian than the truth found in the Bible. And guiding students through it is a huge part of discipleship. We know God's Word is living and active and can have a huge impact on the lives of students. But we also know it can be hard to understand sometimes. That's why our speakers come prepared to lead students through God's Word, unpacking not only what it means but also how it can apply in their lives today. We want students to walk away with a fresh understanding of God's truth and how they can live it out in their lives right now.

2. It unites them with fellow believers.

We know the years spent in middle and high school aren't always easy. And sometimes following God isn't the popular choice. But we want students to know they aren't alone in that choice. There are other students just like them all over the country who, despite what anyone else thinks, are seeking God first in their lives. Part of the discipleship experience we create at BigStuf is simply bringing students together to grow in a community of faith. Whether it's with the other kids in their youth group or new faces they're meeting from other states, we want students to connect with one another as they grow together in faith.

3. It gives leaders the tools to lead them.

Sure, we love students at BigStuf, but equal to that is our love for their leaders. Small group leaders, youth pastors, adult volunteers, college interns - we just can't say enough about the impact you make in student ministry. You're the ones giving your time, your resources, and really your lives to lead students into relationship with God. You're the ones doing the daily work of discipleship. That's why, at BigStuf, we want to come alongside you and give you the tools you need to lead them through their camp experience and beyond. From small group questions and materials to resources available online and in our store to leader training from the experts, we want to do everything we can to set you up for success in leading your students. We want to disciple you as leaders so that you can disciple your students.

4. It fosters conversations in small groups. 

While big moments happen during our time spent in main sessions together, we know even bigger moments happen during the time spent in small groups. The conversations your students have in small group have the potential to leave a lasting mark on their lives. And that's why we place such an emphasis on the time spent there while you're at camp. It's the type of discipleship Jesus modeled for us. He did some of His best ministry in a circle with twelve other guys, talking, teaching, encouraging, and equipping them for what's next. And that's exactly what we want small groups to be for your students at camp.

5. It empowers students to lead others. 

More than anything we want your students to walk away from their time at Big Stuf with a better understanding of who God is and the things He's created them to do. There's something so powerful about witnessing a student awaken to their potential in Christ and be inspired to share it with others. And part of discipleship is encouraging students to do just that! We want students to leave not only with their lives changed, but also with the challenge to come alongside others and lead them towards that same life change. The impact just one student can have on so many others is astounding, and our prayer is that, through their experience at BigStuf camp, students will be encouraged to step into their calling to lead others toward Christ.

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